Tuesday, 20 October 2009


What is Good?
Asked to put together a 2 minute presentation about what we think is good,
my "what is good" is Scrabble.
So straight away I looked into the rules, records and other bits and bobs that
I could use to help put together my presentation.

I didn't want to just re-design the board, unless it had a little twist to it,
and after a while of thinking, I remember mentioning my concept,
"educational and anyone can play it"
Anyone can play it - I asked myself, But can they? Can blind people?
My answer was no.
So it was my intention to design and create Scrabble for the Blind.

For this brief I looked into a load of existing board games for the blind:

This top image, reminded me abit of the idea I have in mind.

I also had a look into packaging for blind people, and how is it different so it is easier for them to adapt:

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