Friday, 28 May 2010

Final Crit

Going into the final crit I was confident I had enough work to show,
But then the printers in the Mac Suites where playing up, so I couldn't get any print outs to show my fellow students,
I should have done them the night before instead of the morning before,
lack of organisation on my behalf.
But luckily I had my laptop, which wasn't the best option but it worked.

Apart from that the final crit went really well,
My work was complimented, and I was given some useful information in which I can make some last minute editions.

The main faults my group had with mine, was some of it wasn't up on the blog.
I took that information in and now it is all sorted.

It was very useful, and with the two days remaining I could tie up any loose ends that came up,
or need doing.

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