Monday, 1 February 2010

Problem Analysis - Guardian Newspaper

Problem Analysis

Image, Editorial Image
Produce four images to sit along side the text from the article, in page format.
Must refer to the article directly.

Who Needs To Know?
Audience, Readers of the Guardian news paper.
Illustrators? People who enjoy looking at illustrations.

What Do You Need To Know?
They need to understand the image, know what it is suppose to be representing,
May know what there going to be reading about before actually reading the article.
Sets the tone of the article.

Why Do They Need To Know?
Need to know what it is aiming towards.
To understand what it is they are looking at and what they're reading,
do the connect?

What Will They Respond To?
The images will respond to what the text is about so they connect, so therefore after reading,
the audience may know what the image is representing.

What Research Is Required?
Existing Guardian newspapers,
look at the illustrations they have, already existing ones,
what images do they use? how? what media? drawn or photography? certain colour pallet?
Audience, what sort of audience is the newspaper aimed towards?

Collect Guardian newspapers, check out the styles the newspaper use in a way of illustrating.
Other newspapers? compare the difference.
Layout, images, colours.

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