Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Collaborative Form

I have chosen to work with my creative partner, Marc Redhead due to his skills.
Looking into what I needed in a partner, and searching into what he had, he had these skills,
He mentioned he had typography and presentation and more, and that is what I needed in a partner.
Looking into his blog, he also displays the style of work I also enjoy to produce.

My aims are to bond both our sets of skills, so we can combine ideas, techniques, designs and opinions, and the won't hesitate to be critical about each others work and so on.

Personally, I want to explore a range of different designs, explore and research into design I have yet attempted, but aslong as it is sticking to the right tracks of the brief and in the way form for helping us win.

I offer image, I feel I can use it well, and to relate to that I have photography, which could both be handy, depending on the ideas me and Marc come up with.
I am good with design sheets and developing an idea till I feel I get the best out of it,
but if i get to the point knowing the idea won't work, I will scrap it.

I am committed, would be in attendance any days or hours needed,
I'm a social person and have a sense of humour, so I won't get the hump.
I have opinions, and will bring them to the table.
Feel I am a organised person, so would be happy to keep hold of the work, and make sure it is always presentable.

I would like to be focusing on image and photography, if they are needed,
I feel I am good using type, but know their are better in the class, my partner for example.
But as a combination I feel we will stretch and get the best out of both image and type and make them combine and work together.

Making sure we get everything done, and everything is on track and gets done on time, with days to spare to edit anything that may need doing,
but of course we would be doing that as a partnership.
Getting and photographs or images that may be needed.

We have agreed to both be in charge of money for prints, and making sure they are printed right, to suit the style we are going to aim for.
Agreeing on designs and how the resolutions are displayed.
Getting the best out of our ideas, and having them done with days to spare for any tweeking that may need doing.

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