Wednesday, 21 April 2010

OUGD205 Evaluation

Design using Image, was a good project to have,
a side project from the studio brief, like a little break from them,
doing image also majorly helped building up a portfolio, with some of pieces I am happy to put them in there.

The briefs, we where given very interesting briefs,
including Type as Image, which was my favorite out of the lost,
designing posters using a quote from a news paper article given,
the fact that I liked Type as Image out of the rest of the briefs, I chose it for my Negotiated brief,
design 10 Type as Image posters,
for the posters I decided to use stupid football headlines and quotes, from newspapers and T.V.

During the Image module I enjoyed experimenting with colour and messing about with different designs and layouts for my resolutions.
The mini group crits helped out alot during this module,
simply explaining what you have done for your resolution, and getting feedback, and then you can go away and add or take away to make it good enough for hand in.

I feel the Image module has helped me quite alot,
its made me think more about laying out the resolution, and how to present it.

I have enjoyed the Image module, its been a good few weeks,
been alot of work to do, but enjoyed the work we have been provided with,
and I feel my resolutions have been strong although the layout for the briefs where pretty weak.
But overall happy with my outcomes and good to have a load more added portfolio pieces.

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