Tuesday, 2 March 2010

History of Bacardi

Since the beginning of Bacardi, they have always kept the same logo,
for bottled prints,
But the type face has changed a couple of times,
as you can see on the second video below.

As a pair, me and Marc are looking into the history of Bacardi,
seeing if there is anything that we can find that we could use, or something we can find useful to put into our work.
We have had a chat and decided we would like to do an ident for part of our brief,
we found these few videos of the history of Bacardi on the Bacardi website.

The way the video is designed and produced is good,
flows really well and is also appealing on the eye.

This video was also on the website,
this could be handy, as we are changing the typeface, they show existing and past typeface Bacardi have used.

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