Thursday, 25 March 2010

Problem Analysis - Negotiated Brief, Sports Headlines


Select ten quotes carefully from The Sun Sports columns, and visually communicate them using only the text in which they are written. Can use quotes you have heard from the T.V, i.e commentary or interviews, just remember to reference.

Who Needs To Know?

Audience, Readers of The Sun? The Sun? Sport fans in general?

What Do They Need To Know?

What the poster is about,
Where did the quote, headline come from?
Who is it about?
Why did it get said?
REFERENCE each poster.

Why Do They Need To Know?

Cause they could be interested in sports and understand the humor used,
and where the quote/headline came from.

What Will They Respond To?

Audience will respond to the layout and colours of the posters, what they are about.
Why where they said and who it is about, and the audience who enjoy sports may be able to relate to the designs.

What Research Is Required?

Collect The Sun papers, highlight or make a note of headlines/quotes/articles.
Listen out for what commentators say or interviewers,
and the responses from the athletes.
Check out past funny quotes.

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