Saturday, 4 December 2010

First Crit

First Crit,
I was in a group with Mitch, Nichola & Alex.
I paired with Mitch and the other two paired up.

We all looked at each others work commenting, saying what could be improved and why, and what we thought of it, did we like it? Didn't we? If not, why?

I was told by Phoenix and Nichola that my work at the time was good,
but could so with some vast improvement, but it was early days of the briefing.
Said they liked the idea, the brief is interesting an gave me a few tips how I could improve and why I should do it.

Lorenzo, came over during my work getting spoke about, and gave me alot of very useful tips, about colour and about testing and also needing to be quicker at making decision, saying I am spending abit to long on some things that shouldn't take half as long,
which is a true statement, I do need become alot more quicker at decision making.
Lorenzo did have a little go at me, because where the cast and produces should go at the bottom of the Movie posters I had
"Information About Cast" written dozens of times, instead of the actually information, and he said I should just stop messing about with it and get the information straight away.

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