Saturday, 4 December 2010

Second Crit

Second Crit, Same idea as the first on, pair up and look at other peoples work in your group.
I paired with Chris, and in our group was Leigh, Anna, Nichola & Charlotte.

The group sounded positive about my work,
They gave me some good advise on what I can do to improve, and how I should put things across cause they got confused with some of the 27 Club work, thinking it was a magazine.
Got a few good designers to look at from the group to look at for influence.

The crit on a whole was helpful, and since then I have took there advice on board and work with it on my designs,
Since then I have asked them about it whilst around the studio and they said it has been improved alot.
So I did take alot out of the crit we had & have worked on alot from that.

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