Saturday, 4 December 2010

Turorial With Joe

I decided to have my tutorial with Joe Gilmore, as I had yet to speak to him at all during the few weeks,
But it was good chatting to him, was very helpful, sounded very positive about my brief options and sounded positive about my work that I had so far done. Was simply telling me to keep it up.

Issues I brought up with Joe was that I take so long to make a decision and he agreed and just gave me some pointers about what I should do,
& he also noticed that I like to mess about it designs like little tweeks and edits, and he just simply said I should be getting them done early and if I don't like them move them away and leave them, document them to show you looked into it, but from there forget about them.

The tutorial on a whole did help me alot, cleared my mind alot.

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