Sunday, 25 July 2010


The Brief

“Buks” is a new book company; they develop and produce books, in the same sense as other book company’s, i.e Penguin.

They specialize in producing sets of books, multiples by the same author.


How can this be promoted?
E-Books? On iPads or iPhones?

Target Audience

This company are looking for some creative, serious designs. They don’t mind abit of humour but kept to a limit. No bad language, nothing rude.


Theres nothing better than seeing a book self full of books, but it looks even better if there books work as a set, making the self look that bit more appealing.

Buks focusing on designing for sets of books other than singular.

This brief gives you the opportunity to explore ideas and research.

Try and developing work, working to any size or shape.

Mandatory Requirements

All design work must be backed up sketch books or layouts.

Research developed onto your blog, continually through out the brief.


Create a logo for the company, keeping with the name “Buks” but you do not have to use the word.

Designs a set of books, minimum of 6,
Front, Spine & Back.

These books can also be seen on iPads & iPhones.

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