Sunday, 25 July 2010

Existing Book Company Logo's

There are plenty of book companies, each having there own brand,
some belong to books, that are or work as a set.
Some of the designs like to have just symbols representing there company,
others like to have the word being displayed.

Below are a couple of examples of existing book company logos;

Penguin is a famous world-wide book company,
famous for books written by Jack Kerouac & J.D Salinger.
There design does not have any words, they have a image of a penguin,
using type as image, and now this is a world-wide famous logo, recognised by millions,
Penguin also have there own book store.

Virgin Book;
The Virgin logo is a world-wide famous logo, the same logo is used for all Virgin sections,
including, trains, planes, shops, and phones.
But the word "Books" on the logo above is replaced with what it is representing.
there was big controversy with the logo when it was first release, with alof of people thinking it says "Virqin"
My favourite author Charles Bukoski, alot of his books are done with Virgin.
Although this logo shows the whole word, people often know what it is when they use just the "V" on some products.

They are not the most well known book company, but they have been the logo of a few big named books,
unlike a few logos for books, they use both text and image to represent there company.
When you see alot of the books, they often use just the logo, below,
with the logo and text often being to large to be on the spine of a book.

The logo design alone is like looking at a open book, or open doors,
for the logo I am going to design, this is the idea I want, simple, block and just using simple shapes.

Book of Odds;
Once again another company decide they like to use both a logo and the name of the company,
but also like Canogate, they lose the word and use just the symbol.
I mention above that I want to use a symbol, using shapes or something bold,
the idea of using just a letter to represent the word, could be appealing, would have to mess about with ideas of design.

Hodder & Stoughton;
Hodder & Stoughton also use both type and image, but they also detect the pair,
and sometimes use the image to represent the company,
they also use the text sometimes without the image, which is often unseen with logo design.

I have uploaded the Ecco logo, because I like the design and the style of the logo,
bold recognised shapes built together to help make the word read what it reads.
works well, I like the idea of using shapes, to either make a image or words,
which ever would work best after experimenting.

DC Comics;
Aswell as books, comics have there logos for there book company,
this is a prime example of what I like to see, Bold letter with a good design, combined.
This is a strong appealing logo, the type of logo which can stick in your head,
which is something I want to design, a logo that can be glued into someones mind,
something appealing enough.

Like DC a comic book company,
this is a world-wide logo, known by millions of people,
and its alot simpler than most logos, the the word in bold letters, with a bold colour background,
and something this simple has become so big in the world.

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