Sunday, 25 July 2010

Desiging My Logos, Layout

Designing a logo is hard,
you have to put a minimum of 50 different ideas down to have such a wide choice,
not 50 different tweeks from same logo, 50 total different designs,
here are a few layout I put together to get to my chosen design;

I spent the first few layouts and designs focusing on using a open book, or using the "B"
And seeing how they could turn out, and then continued experimenting along them lines,
blacking them out,
boxing and circling them, just messing about with different ways to see how they looked,
I think they looked good, but could have done with improvement, so obviously continued to design and mess about with other ideas.

I came up with the idea of mixing the book and the B together, but I could get them to work very well,
I felt I was putting to much in the design and I just wanted it to be simply, but simple that it stands out.

I came across these design that I put together, doing what it was I wanted and mixing the B and book together, but in a more bold and simple way,
nothing complicated and so it was easier and appealing toward a audience.

I started using other shapes and seeing how that panned out for the design,
example using the heart with the idea of, Love Books?
Feel they could work, but not what I was looking for with the designs for the publishing company.

Tried using fancy designs but the wasn't really working out for the idea of the company.

Once again was messing with different shapes, have the shapes so when they where put together they made the letter B, as ever some worked alot stronger than other, and some where pretty weak.
Also started using the letter B, and dissecting, removing pieces, seeing how far I could go before it wasn't able to be read.

I cam across the idea of using a open, but viewing it from its side, and then messing about with ideas, to see if you then rotated it 90% did it read as a B,
It did, just needed some tweeking, I really liked this idea, coming across it.
It was put forward as one of my resolution options.

I once again tried the fancy curvy style,
I personally feel they where nice, and looked appealing, but I felt I had already came up with stringer designs throughout the layouts.

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