Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sets of Books

For my brief I am designing a set of books,
and I was looking through my own book collection and a few over the internet,
looking at book covers that work as a set, and looking at the relationships between them.

Over a personal view,
I know you should never judge a book by its cover,
but I think a book should always look appealing no matter what is on the

Below are a few sets of books that I found, some famous which everyone would see,
and others that people may not recognise;

Starting with my favourite author Charles Bukowki,
the designs of his books appeal to me, with these you should judge a book by its cover.

I love the designs on these books,
the colours and contrast used on each book so they all work,
and although none of them have the same images, and some have totally different colours,
you can still notice they are a set.

The images used for the books, match the story of the book perfectly,
these are the most dated covers from these books, so the designer has had the chance to read the book and focus the covers using scraps from the actual story.

Different typefaces used to separate the title and the author,
but once these where selected they are used through the set of books.

As well the set above, Bukowski has had other designers working on his work,
with the two below;

The set above are just alot more simple than the other, just using bold colours,
based on shapes and patterns,
this is more the approach I would like to take for my set of books, plain and bold.

Jack Kerouac Book;

The person who designs Jack Kerouac books, seem to keep it simple,
this is the type of design I enjoy looking at, a simple image, supported by text across.
Selecting the right typeface to match the image is a big decision,
you have to get it right to make it work, and even more a set of images to make
the set of books work.

With these Kerouac set, the images have been transformed to black and white and the contrast has been set,
and like the Bukowski books, the type has been chosen and used across all set of books.

Also like Bukowski, there are other designs for others of his books,

Aswell as the set above, these are also just image with selected typefaces.
But using colour images and alot more bold text.
Text positioned in the same place with the image working around it.

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