Sunday, 25 July 2010

Book Design Layouts

Aswell as doing all the designing for the logos and symbols for the book,
The most important part of the designs, if actually designing the book.
Making sure the composition is right, and everything that is needed is also there.

I messed about with alot of layout, trying the find what would be best,
I knew I want to keep it basic and simple due to the time I had to have the book designed and created,
I wanted to use a flat, bold colours for the resolutions,
So then started messing about with what should be where, and why it is best,
I came up with 10 strong layout designs, and then brought 4 of them forward and used as final options.

These are just a few layouts where I put the colours on paper to see how they could look,
But I had already decided on colour with information I found whilst researching,
which you can see on a other blog.

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