Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What I Plan To Do For The Resubmission Brief

For this resubmission brief I decided I wanted to do some book design,
So therefore I have to design a range of books,
I was brain storming ideas, items that work as 'sets'
Ideas I came up with most that I thought about working with where;

- Football Leagues
- Sports
- Film or Music Genres
- 7 Deadly Sins
- Type Faces

They where the strongest selection I came up with.
I decided against Football Leagues, cause I would have struggled with images,
as I enjoy using my own images, positioned and angled how I like them,
not just using Google Image.
The same goes towards the Sports selection.

Typefaces could work, but I would rather design my own typefaces than use existing ones,
and with the time I have for the Resubmission,
I could be pushing it.

7 Deadly sins,
This is the set I selected,
To design a set of books based of the sins,
One for each sin giving me a total of seven.

- Envy
- Gluttony
- Greed
- Anger
- Lust
- Pride
- Sloth

As well as designing the seven books,
I would also be designing the logo for the 7 books,
A logo for the Publishing book company, and a symbol for each of the sins to be used on a book.

Also, screenshot of the books being used on iPads, also known as e-books.

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