Thursday, 30 September 2010

Olly Moss, Computer Games Posters

More Olly Moss work,
this time it is moved away from movie posters and this is based on computer games.
But still he sticks to the simple and effective designs, not using to much, just keeping them simple.

Metal Gear Solid_ Simple block design, cold colours, cigarette being replaced by a explination mark! Simple for effective.

GTA_ This is a personal favourite, I am a huge GTA fan and I like how he has took the star police rating from the game, and put that idea on to the American flag, placing the 50 stars.

Golden Eye_ Same image used 4 times, but just a minor replacement, but even little things like that make his designs stand out and work really well.

Call of Duty_ I like this one with the reason being, out of the set it is the only one using a photograph but it still has the same effect with the others, doesn't stand out or look out of place, just fits in with the rest.

Once again for the designs of these he has stuck to a colour pallet that sees fit, focusing on bold colours that stand out.

I think to understand the designs on the covers, you have to played the games, personally I understand them all but there will be people who don't but still appreciate the simple and effective design.

Along with that, simple addictions such as, in the top corner it has a symbol of what console it works on, and I like how it has the date the game was released.

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