Thursday, 30 September 2010

Olly Moss, Red & Black

As well as the Rolling Road Show he also produced more movie posters for "Films In Red & Black"

These are along the same lines as The Rolling Road Show, limited colour pallet,
Simple, but effective designs.

The Great Director_ Simplicity is the key, and with this it is a very simple design but clever, as it can be rotated and still be an image.

Taxi Driver_ This is another personal favourite, a symmetric image, being used to full fill the page but in a effective way to draw in the audience, along with the word Driver being backwards to help to the symmetry of the design.

Rain Man_ Out of all the designs I have seen of his, this is the one that doesn't appeal as much to me, there is alot more in this design that all the other, and I have became a fan of the simplicity of his work.

American History X_ Out of the selection this is a personal favourite, the image mixes in with the title in a clever way, he has took the same approach as he does with alot of his work and just keeping it simple.

To understand some of the designs you have had to of seen the movies,
he takes an approach of designing based on scenes in the movie, which is something I should maybe take on board.

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