Thursday, 30 September 2010

Negotiated Briefs

On the whole I wrote myself 14 briefs, which I am trying to get down to 10,
either combining or just getting rid of some and then doing them in my own time.


10 Things You Should Know,
Design a book/magazine which represents "10 Things You Should Know"

Through The Decades,
Produce 6 A2-A1 posters representing how times have changed over the last 5 decades.

Newspaper Design,
Design a 20-30 page newspaper
Design 3 10 page newspapers.

Designing For A Music Artist,
Produce a range of items that a band would need to start promoting them selves and getting them selves known.

Magazine Design,
Produce a 20-30 page magazine, of a topic of your choice.

Film Posters,
Design a set of 6-7 posters advertising the movies coming back to the cinema for one time only, in a way that you see fit.

Famous Quotes,
Produce a number of A2-A1 posters representing famous film quotes.

Design the promotional items to get a design exhibition out in the open so people would know about the show, and would attend.

Coffee Shop,
ReBrand the whole coffee shop,
Promotional items to get the word across.
Inside the shop and outside the shop design.

25 Things You Should Know On A Graphic Design Course,
Produce a book aimed at people looking into attending a Graphic Design course.

Design a set of 5-6 posters advertising Adidas, in what way you see fit.

Alcohol Addition,
Produce two larger than A1 posters advertising against alcohol addiction.

Argue For You Ears,
Produce a minimum of 4 posters arguing there point on why they should be the best system to listen to your music on.

Set Of Books,
Design a set of books and promotional items based on a topic of you choice.

Some of these I feel I could combine, to lower the amount of briefs.
The brief in bold are the brief I am focusing on for this module.
As well as these we have to do a competition brief.

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