Thursday, 30 September 2010

Olly Moss, Movie Posters

Olly Moss, is a personal favourite designer, and whilst browsing on his website I found a couple of movie posters he had designed based on movies that where already realised years ago.
Myself, intend on putting together a brief based on movie posters, for a movie marathon based on a certain director, director TBC.

The idea is to produce 6-7 posters for the marathon, one for each of the movies that will be shown in the cinemas,
and to also put together an booklet about the upcoming event.

Back on to Olly Moss,
The posters I viewed on his website are the design direction I want to take for mine,
below are a load of posters he put together, a set of work named "The Rolling Road Show"

There Will Be Blood_ A simple detailed outline filled in, bas in black and the sky red, he makes the simple designs stand out, but have a large impact.

Robocop_ Out of the set, this is my favourite of the selection, the simple clever design just makes the design look so effective, and using the bold flat black to make shadows, with light coming in taken up by the beige and red.

On the Waterfront_ This is abit different to the other designs as it is and actual image of a person and not an outline, but it still has the same effect as the others in the set,
colour pallet has a big part to do with this.

Dirty Harry_ I like how clever he has been with the design of the gun, being shaped around the face. Simple but effective.

Convoy_ The simpleness of the design, a tyre track but if you look closer it is a van and other items, just simple design but very clever like alot of these movie posters.

I really like how he uses just a selected colour pallet, in this case he use just Black, Red & Beige.

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