Thursday, 30 September 2010

Start of Level 06

So the summer is over, and its time to get down and dirty with design.

The final year is upon us and now there is no time for messing and slacking, as of the last two years, Confession.
I know I need to get myself organised and ready for the year, as I ain't been the best the last two year, I feel I have something to prove, need to start boosting up my portfolio as it is lacking with designs I am happy with.

On to the first briefing,
Straight back into action, an all day brief, going over the briefs,
what will happen during the year,
looking into the time table for the year.
and so on and so on.

A first mini task we where given was to make a list of what we want to get out of the year and what we need_

Good/Solid portfolio
Presentation skills
Design language
Confidence in myself and work
End of course job/employment
Good final grade
Use photography/image more
Get in touch with more industries and designers
Free Lance?
Screen print

Get my act together
Make earlier decisions
Time Management
Find out what designer I am
Use studio space more
Good amount of work
Good/Solid resolutions
Promote myself more, online presence and personal idenity
Work on design language
Briefs to best possible
Pass dissertation on first attempt, less to do during FMP

There is alot of wants and needs, but that is something I will have to work realy hard on within the year.

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