Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ident Layout

As well as the packaging idea we brainstormed the idea of doing a ident/advertisement,
as the module before we where using Adobe After Effect, so we felt we could take this route if we chose,
but we would have been using it as a back up with some other designs.

As it was aimed at fellas, we took on the idea of it all being about sports and women,
Example being, one minute to fella drinking in a bar, they both order a Bacardi Mojito and they are still in the bar, looking a dressed women,
and they take a drink and it starts slowly changing, and they drink more and it continues to change, and when they finish the drink they are on a beach with a load of men and women dressed in summer wear.

The ideas where there but we just wondered if it would have been possible for us to do it,
and if so, would we be able to produce it aswell as we had on paper and in our heads.

We didn't end up going through with the idea of a ident, but we did look alot into it.

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