Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Posters Idea

We finally decided we where going to focus on a poster campaign for the brief,
design sets of posters that could be used in bars, bus shelters, billboards etc.

We want the simplicity but appealing approach towards them.

I came up with the idea of tweeking the Bacardi logo a little,
turning the circled logo into the male gender symbol,
and also working with it as a cocktail stick.

I messed about with a good few ideas and designs on how I could make this work,
positioning of the logo, text and image, wanted to make it look dark and more in the shadows.

We felt we finally hit the jackpot when we thought of a man thing to do is, TOOLS/DIY.
So we put down alot of ideas and decided the resolutions where going to be a image of a Mojito, surrounded by tools, Hammers, Spanners, Knives etc.

We replaced the cocktail still with a screw driver,
and the ice was crunched with a clamp, lime cut with a scalpel, and just surrounding the image with extra tools,
we felt this would be a strong idea, and moved on to the resolutions.

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