Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sets of Books, More.

To go with the set of Charles Bukowski & Jack Kerouac books,
here are more sets of books that I used as research to help me design my sets of books.

J.R.R Tolkien;

The Lord of the Rings Saga was released twice,
First set was based black using symbols, like the idea I want to use for my set of books.
& the second set where released when the movies where released,
So they re-released the books to bond in with the movies.

Howard Marks;

Autobiographies written by Howard Marks, are a good read,
But I like how the books work as a set, plain white covers, with just one image plonked in the middle and the bold text above it,
Sometimes this can work and other times it doesn't its a risky piece of design,
but on a personal view I think its worked well.

The first book Mr.Nice, also released a latest version,
which on a personal view I think is a stronger piece of design, which is more appealing to the eye and would have more of a effect on a book shelf in a shop.
but I prefer the original, for the fact that it is part of a set.

Stephenie Meyer;

The famous Twilight books have very appealing front cover on a personal view.
Dark and limited colour.
Black back grounds and white and red displays making the covers alot more appealing to the viewers,
& they would look good as a set on a book shelf.

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