Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Desiging My "Buks" Logo, Illustrator

I done alot of layout work to produce the logo, earlier post.
& I finally got round to getting the best selection up on to Illustrator and got the chance to narrow it down to a few that I would like to use.

I decided during the layouts that I don't want to use the full work "Buks"
I would like to design either a symbol, for would like to use selected letters from the word Buks,
preferably the 'B'

The two image above are a bunch of logos I designing basing it on symbols and trapping the symbol,
focusing on using a shape of a book, which is a well known pictogram in the public.
I think there is a select few that could work using the book symbol.

These ideas where based on using the book and the 'B' mixed into one.
Trying to make the book look like a 'B' when rotated 90%, which personally I think seems to work pretty well.

The same is for this set of ideas, I like the idea of the 'B' is underlined by a open book.

These final designs where the idea of seeing a book opened from the side,
An when rotated 90% it looks like a 'B', mixing the pair into one.

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