Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Existing Quentin Tarantino Movie Posters, Inglorious Bastards

I have looked into alot of work by illustrators and designs but I am yet to have spoke about the already designed work for the movies that I have selected to focus on.

Starting with Quentin's most recent film from 2009, Inglorious Bastards.

This was the movie poster that was designed to advertise the film,
you could see this poster around all cities on bus shelters, billboards, just spread around areas, was well promoted,
as for the design I really like it, limited colour, how the title has been messed about with to fix in with the imagery.
Works really well as a promotion for the movie.

This was designed for a special edition cover for the released DVD, to understand this I think you need have seen the film to see how they clash, but on a personal view I think its a really good, simple, effective design.

From these three, this one above stands out to me most, great use of photography, great shot.
Good mixture of colours, stands out to the others because the use of colour.

The three above I found whilst browsing the internet, I never seen any of these around myself,
but I love the use of photography, the dull grey colours, mixing in well with the red.

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