Monday, 4 October 2010

Noma Bar

When I was browsing the internet I was lucky to come across some designs by a designer named Noma Bar, Noma is a Israeli designer. His designs concentrate on simple designs, using bold flat colours, clever quirky designs, with good use of negative space.

Noma has done alot of work for The Guardian newspaper, G2, and also done alot of designs for IMB,
I really like his style, and he has done a hell of alot of designs.

Below are a few examples_

This is the weakest of Noma's designs, in my opinion, compared to his other existing designs this one just has to much, and not as effective, the idea is good, but I think it could have been put together alot better.

This design stood out to me when browsing through Noma Bar's work, its a very simple design but with so much effect, he sticks with simple bold illustrations and works with a limited colour pallet for each of his designs.

The two designs above are prime examples of what Noma Bar does alot, designs images that can be either one thing or another, almost like two images in one.

I thought I would throw this into this blog, it is a magazine cover for The Economist, based on stopping drugs and war, and I feel the image he put together for the magazine is a good piece of design, silhouette of items, including guns and drugs, and then working with the negative space to make a whole appealing image.

This is one of my favourites of his designs, simply because it is a image that tells a story of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. combining two images from the story to make one.

The two above did not have a description on what they are and why they where designed, but its obvious its of a sexual nature, but once again simple, easy but clever designs, good use of one colour, and good use of filled in outlines.

This is very similar to the Red Riding Hood design, combining two images into one, in a clever but yet simple way of design.

There is alot of designs by Noma Bar, its interested and influenced me looking into his designs and I will have more blog post about his stuff, because they are designs I enjoy looking at and analysing.

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