Monday, 4 October 2010

Few Other Movie Posters

I was looking into more movie posters to get more inspiration.
Found these by just doing a silly search on Google, just typing in "Vintage Movie Posters"
Only found two that where in the design style I am looking for.

The Bird_ I was drawn into this with how simple it is, a flat red back ground with a feather filled in with another blank colour, in this case being white, with text getting involved with it. Pretty nice design.

Opicka_ This design appealed to me because of the colour pallet, it is the same as the Olly Moss designs, and the design on a whole is a similar style but without the clever designs, and this one has a image of a monkey imported.

Jim_ This isn't the same approach as either of the designs above, but I put this in because I felt it was a nice design, the simplicity of the design, of the beaker being a outline and the outlined baby all used with bold flat colours.

These designs are not as good as the Olly Moss designs that I would like to focus on,
but I thought they would be good to look into because they are still nice designs.

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