Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Noma Bar, IBM

More on Noma Bar, alot of his work is used by IBM who are a large American multinational IT consulting corporation. So a pretty big job to have.

He has designed alot of flyers, leaflets, and all sort of promotional items for IBM.

Examples of Bars IBM work_

Thought I would start by showing this, this is a prime example, "Now every doctor knows you personally." So straight away you know its based on doctors, and in his mind he has thought he wants to use a doctor, but combine it with what they use, and he has pulled it out the bad and used some hospital apparatus to help put together a image of a doctor.

The saying of people eating like pigs, and he has brought this saying into context, with the pigs nose being a plate with the fork and knife as nostrils and more. His designs are just so clever, but something that has to be messed about with and could take time to get the idea nailed.

This design based on road driver is a very clever and appealing design in my book, creating a illustration of a person based on cars and roads, image goes with the headline, a man looking out of a pair of binoculars to the headline "Drivers can see traffic jams before they happen"

Once again working with the head line, "Phones reduce their own footprints." The design is a strong one, simply footprints transferred into phones, simple, clever, easy, brilliant.

"Trains now queue for passengers" Once again he has taken a the idea of the subject, this time it is the tube, Who gets the train? Business man, so that is something he has based this designs on, with their brief cases being the windows of the trains.

"Police see emergencies before they emerge" Bar seems to enjoy playing with the human face, experimenting with different ways of showing it, using different items for facial expressions, in this case a spot light, being used as a nose and a eye, just clever ideas, that can be succeeded in experimenting and messing about with imagery.

As I mentioned above, and have mentioned alot throughout these Noma Bar blogs, his designs are really good, and something I have started to inspire to. I like his simplicity and use of bold, flat colours and how his pieces work as a set. I have alot more images my Noma, which will be getting put on here.

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