Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Gluemarketing & Productions


Gluemarketing & Productions came in for a talk today, gentlemen named Jonathan Smith and Oli, who was on the Graphic Design course last year.

They came in and explained there company and what they do and how they do it.
Gave us some pretty useful information about C.V's and how they should and should not be written, what to expect at a design interview.
Mentioned we should look into short course on the side of our course, experience a work load like you would in a industry.
He also said we should look into companies before agreeing to a interview,
Are they professional? Do they have a background? Any other things you should know.

He gave us a useful website called Linked In, which could be handy when getting yourself out there,
instead of using Facebook or Twitter and so on.

Aswell as having Glue Productions and Marketing, he also has a share in The Loft, which is a bar,
So after the talk he gave use a optional brief, whether we done it or not was up to us.
The brief is to design a flyer advertising The Loft, A5 or A6 was our choice.
From this he is looking for 3 designers from our course, to be able to do quick turn around designs.

I reckon I will give it ago, why not. Nothing to lose.
If I get to be one of the three, then great, of not, then no skin of my nose.

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