Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Group Tutorials


We had a group tutorial, our group was filled by myself, Vicky, Lindsey, Leigh, Craig & Ben.

The idea was to go through out Rationale, State of Intent and the briefs we are planning on doing.
As our fellow students where informing us about there work we had to take notes and give feedback.

I feel mine went pretty well, got alot of positive feedback and was giving information I could put together to improve,
I don't feel I explained my briefs very well,
The Movie Marathon and LCA FC got positive feedback,
But my magazine design was criticised, which was fair, because I have yet to nail a topic, which is something I will be sorting out within the next few days.
And the promotion for a music artist was more or less the same, I hadn't picked and artist or anything.
As for that brief I reckon I could be changing it, as part of the 27Club which I had already started during the summer, but it could do with alot of improvement.
So I will also be re-writing that brief.

I feel I should re-write most of my briefs, as I haven't nailed the topic on most, just left them broad and wide open.

But overall I feel the tutorial did help me get more on my feet,
knowing what I have to do for the briefs, and the deadlines sorted with everything.

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