Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nike Promotion

Working on from the "Nike Photography" blog just below,
I found perfect existing designs, that show exactly what I want to do.

These designs I found on Nike Football, where all done during this years Fifa World Cup 2010, South Africa,
they are something that really appealed to me, and one of the reasons I wrote this brief, so I could do something along these lines.

I have put this on here, cause if needs be, I could take the Photoshop and turn the images take, and combine them together into some sort of collage, and see if that can be very effective.

Here is the idea of have the complete darkness with the image standing out, with alot of dark blank space to have a mess about with typography around the image.

The images are standing out, with some of the existing background still in its place, with a margin of black on the side for bits of information or titles to go,
To me and my designs may not be as effective, but could be something I could work on.

With this image, they have left out the darkness put around the background, and stuck what was actually there in the image. It's good, but I don't feel its had the same effect as what the darkness has with the others.

Here are good examples if I wanted a group of people in the photographs,
can easily be ranged left or right and the opposite side can have a blend from light to dark, where the typography can be inserted.

I really feel this is something I can do, and would enjoy doing throughout the brief,
basing it on something I enjoy and something I want to learn.
Can't be all bad can it.

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