Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Noma Bar, Guess Who? Book

Aswell as Negative Space, he also has another book released named Guess Who?
Its based on celebrites, and Noma doing what he does so well and doing illustrations of people and using something to do with the subject matter to reveal the face.

A few pages from the books_

Kenny_ This design I had seen him use in a earlier piece, but not for Kenny, same design with the lit match, but not with the same character in the back drop.

Rocky_ The simplicity of using a boxing glove for a eye full of blood, relating to the film and the character, using some objects in context.

Jeremy Clarkson_ This is favourite of the set, not a Clarkson fan, but I love how Noma has gone about this illustration, using roads, the gears for his face, which is pretty odd but they work, and the wheel rims for the bits of grey in his hair.

Bob Dylan_ This is spot on, looks exactly like Bob Dylan, using a guitar for his glasses and harmonica and stand for his mouth, using two instruments he uses in context. Brilliant.

This is exactly the type of ideas I want to use for my Movie Posters, clever images being edited with items in context to the subject matter.
I think I will have to look into getting this book, unfortually it is not in the Library, so I will have to look else where, but I need to get my hands on it.

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