Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Existing Quentin Tarantino Movie Posters, Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is another classic movie by Quentin, probably the most popular and well known out of the selection. With a selection of big name actors as he does seem to draw in alot with his films.
Once again I wouldn't know know if the designs where scattered around the countries as I was only four years of age at the time, with this movie being released in 1994.

This is the only design I could find on the web, the rest where made by people who looked like they spent ten minutes on them, so I didn't want them up here.

But as for this, This is used for both VHS and DVD and was also the movie poster in 1994, and is still being sold as a poster in shops, a poster that you could but in your room or whatever.

This is probably the most famous image of Quentin's, they most well known and most seen.

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