Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nike Photography

For one of my briefs I will be putting together some Adidas posters, promoting the design and what it stands for.

I plan to use some photography for this brief, I am a fan of using photography, and would like to learn more about it, using lights, editting and so on.
This is a chance for me to collaborate with another course, the photography course,
fortunately for me, I live with two and know a a few on the course, so I could get alot of help.
I will be collaborating with Josh Rose from the Photography course, some of his work will be shown later on this blog.

Anyways, back on to the design idea, I want the images to be dark, with space so I can introduce some text.

Below are a few examples of the images I want to take, these are taken from 'Nike Football'_

This is a prime example of what I mean about the images I want to take, a bright main image surrounded with darkness, alot of space surround the image, perfect amount for type to be put around.

Again here is the same example, but with alot more going on, focus is on the main image to make it stand out, with the dark surrounding, alot of space to play about with.

The four images above are other examples, same idea, focusing on the image but with the darkness, but on these there is more light brought into these, so that could be something I could think about doing.

With this idea for the brief I have alot of design ideas and photography I could do,
then mess about with, could be something that I could and should enjoy,
working with something I enjoy which is sports and learning more about photography.

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