Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Existing Quentin Tarantino Movie Posters, Jackie Brown

This was the VHS and DVD cover, but was also the movie poster used to help advertise the movie, along with a selection below, that focus on the characters. The design works for me, good use of photography, and then well put together and use of colour.

This is a poster that you can buy in the shops, out of the set, this is my favourite of the set, I am a big fan of using photography, and I feel the shot used is perfect, works so well. Nice design.

The four above I really like, they are like helping the range of the posters by having a poster for each character, same as the Inglorious Bastards posters, as did Sin City. But I feel it works well with the main poster, having a range, so people are seeing more of it, than just the one Movie Poster.

This one stands out to me, not as a good design, this one doesn't work for me, but its the fact that it has been done in full colour, and not the black and white designed used on all the rest.
Whether this was a chance for them to experiment. Just doesn't have the effect the others do.

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