Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Noma Bar, Faces

When looking through Noma's work, along with the IBM and a few others I have looked through, noticed how much he loves to mess about with faces, and illustrating faces in different ways, using punctuation and letters, and items get used alot.

With the other blogs, below are examples of what I am talking about_

This was the cover to a G2, which is a smaller paper in The Guardian, the title being "Why Iran is going nuclear: The inside story" and as ever, he has based his illustration of a face, with something to do with the subject matter, in this case a nuclear bomb.

On a personal view, the two images above, don't work any where near aswell as all the other designs I have seen, just doesn't have that clever effect with the design, just using a "?" to make up some facial features, in these cases nose, and eyes.

Magazine designs, the G2 one I mentioned earlier on this blog. But I wanted to mention the Spok, from Star Trek design, used for the magazine, Esquire, using the Spok symbol for the eye, compared to the work I have seen him do, this isn't the best, feel he could have done more with it.

The designs based on war, seem to always catch my eye, nuclear logo making up the face of the soldier. Simple.

This is one of my favourite Noma Bar designs, Pulp Fiction is a personal favourite, but along with that, one of the posters I plan to design is based on Pulp Fiction, so this could be a large help, obvious I am not going to rip it off and copy, but it is something I can look at and inspire from.

As you can obviously see, he loves to mess about with faces and using items along the lines of the subject to full fill the imagery.

Compared to his other work the faces don't appeal to me as much, some are brilliant, some are average, and some I feel don't work, but that is my personal opinion.
I prefer his work of using negative space, which he has designed a book about, which will be on a later post.

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