Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Internet Finds

Went looking through some poster designs,
I found some designs for the movies Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards,
the website where I found them, unfortually didn't state a name, so I couldn't look more into them.

But they are displayed in a style along the lines I want to put together, the simplicity design, with limited colour pallet.

I don't understand the design behind this Inglorious Basterds design, but it is the type of designs I like, enjoy to look at and explore. Simplicity and limited colour pallet.

The Reservoir dogs poster is simular to what I have been focusing on, the colours of the names of the characters. Although I do want to use a limited colour pallet, I just feel this is a good chance to produce something good and simple with colours.

This is the simple, the yellow dot just represents the character as she is known for wearing a yellow outfit, I do really like how this designs is simple and works, you understand what it is from it being a circle, which doesn't represent anything through the film.

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